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Where was that thing again?

Sometimes you just can't remember what you worked on yesterday, was it that thing over there or this thing here? Good thing that CRM got your back and keeps a record so that you easily can go back to Recently Viewed Items

Global Recently Viewed Items

Click (1) to view the list, there you got one list of records (2) and views you have viewed (2).

Pin items

In this menu you can pin items, first, you get this option by simply hover over an item (1), then click the pin there, now the item will stick around and be listed above other items (2), and you can do the same thing with your favorite views as well.

The unified interface offers the same functionality in their apps:

app recently viewed

app recently viewed pinned

Note that the pinned item follow me to the apps as well, and I can keep pinning items here and unpin as I want to.

pin dashboard

You can pin dashboards by selecting the dashboard you want (1) and then pin it using (2) so when you go to dashboards next time your favorite dashboard will show up.

pin views

And you can pin views, so if you don't have anything in "My Active Accounts" you can show "Active Accounts instead, change views and then pin it, and when you go back to Accounts you will see this view.

Of course, you can do the same thing in the new app unified client experience

Each entity has its own sperate list as well with the items that you have looked at:

if you want to know more about how to get around in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM), look at this guide for Dynamics 365 Marketing:


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